About Us

6-dimensional innovation and trade is a platform where we do innovative research, development, and production of systems, services

6-dimensional innovation and trade is a platform where we do innovative research, development, and production of systems, services, and products to revolutionize and discover new methods. Alternate fuels, renewable energy, management of high-tech operations in medical sciences, carbon capture, and storage, and minimizing the use of plastic are the areas where we specialize in. Our experienced scientists understand natural phenomena in a rigorous manner and are innovating different scientific processes in order to revolutionize and discover different methods for a cost-effective and efficient working technology that reduces the emission of carbon by all means.

Board Of Directors

Tariq Wazir

An entrepreneur with an experience of 17+ years in the field of operations for transportation, construction and petroleum industry. He has a passion for business process optimization and qualitative growth. The Passion of Process Optimization and Qualitative Growth has brought this progress of profitable transition. The career was started as computer science graduate with Master in Business Administration and now heading towards the fastest growing petroleum tycoon in corporate sector, being a responsible, articulate and motivated businessman in the field of logistics and petroleum operation sector & newly emerging business entities with the variety of skills to achieve the goals.

Salman Mahmood
(Director Procurement / Advisor)

A Bio Medical Engineer & a Petrochemical trader and Entrepreneur, secured exclusive concessions from national oil producers in Middle East and Africa. Complimenting his trading skills with prowess in Artificial Intelligence. Responsible for the Procurement of Refined Oil & Gas, holds the corporate business experience of 7+ years in the field of Petroleum Industry, Energy, Logistics & Information Technology. He has joined "Race to Zero campaign" a global alliance committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions and focused to transform "My Petroleum" as Go Green. Presently, Engaged in knowledge based methods for carbon capturing and storage, innovative research development and production of alternative energy and fuels. His unique skills in short and medium term finance have been catalytic growth for the company, high returns for the investors, International partnerships with consistent expansion in Middle East and Africa.